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The most expensive birds in the world!

In an African context or any context that matters, when you are known to be vicious, greedy and appalling you don’t and you shouldn’t be ranked for a pity party. AndWe Vultures aren’t asking for one. We are "Natures-cleaning crew", I bet you didn't know that! Why should you while it’s easier to join the chorus of those besmirching our reputation rather than bother to understand us. Maybe because we don’t make it into the wild celebrity list. But that has never been our priority since our work is self-evident. We are 23 species in the world. Sadly, 8 species are critically endangered. Trust me, it worries me too. 3 species are endangered, another 3 species are near threatened and only 2 species are relatively safe- for now anyway. Still wondering what that means?  In my view they need more care, to avert predictable crisis.
Our declining population status is a result of barbaric activities. Humans, what did we ever do to you? First, some of you poison us, deliberate or n…