When survival is the only option

                                                       A Zebra at high speed  at Ol Pejeta Conservancy                                                                               

You think living in a city is frantic, try the highways of actual wilderness. Forget the streets; you wouldn’t make it out there alive. Life here is busier, dangerous and very unpredictable. For all you know, when you are a Zebra a pride of lions could be lounging under a tree waiting for you take the wrong turn and they come for you like Satan. A cheetah could be exercising its high speed on a gazelle; the poor thing barely gets time to scream for help, which is not considered a wise idea you could be attracting a more powerful jaw or claw.

Wild dogs wrestling photo                    
When you are a king or a dominant male, you can barely celebrate your kingdom in fear of losing status to some young goon brothers who stroll nearby waiting to fill up muscles to gang up and take over your territory. Sole reason being your women look healthier and more productive and you can’t really blame them. Everybody wants to be remembered after all. If not all the above the vast area makes it really easy to bump into your worst enemy, you either stretch a muscle on U turn, or be a man or a fool and decide to fight which might result to either a broken horn, dislocate a jaw or get killed in the process. 

On second thought, about cities and the wilderness the only difference is some walk in twos others on fours.    

Having some ‘me’ time in the wild is a rare treat. In the wild if you manage a day you are considered fit for survival, you can continue fattening for a better doomsday.   When you are a herbivore or a primate and you don’t have the luxury of street lights at night. You don’t wake up to be in awe of the fireball and how serene the environs are. You start strategizing on how not to die before sunset and eat something; extra energy always comes in handy and check if all your defense mechanisms are in good shape.

Spotted hyaena at Ol Pejeta with a fawn       photo credit Andrew Obaga
When it is everyone for themselves whether you are a carnivore or a herbivore you might as well hide a few tricks under your fur. Some are more useful than others, it could be learning how to use the sharp horns and hooves, learn how to hold a grip with the sharp claws. There are always those extras that keep you off the top of the menu or empty stomach by nightfall. Like good eyesight, to spot your enemies first because they will be in luck if they spot you first. Sniff your enemy or your food miles away, outgrow all your enemies like elephants and Giraffes and learn how to outrun your predators because some of them gain lightening speed. 

Those who freeze in action, play dead, camouflage and fight back are not the bravest they are just lucky. 

                    A Buffalo on high alert at Ol Pejeta Conservancy                                                                                                                                

All photos  courtesy of  Andrew Obaga


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