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When survival is the only option

You think living in a city is frantic, try the highways of actual wilderness. Forget the streets; you wouldn’t make it out there alive. Life here is busier, dangerous and very unpredictable. For all you know, when you are a Zebra a pride of lions could be lounging under a tree waiting for you take the wrong turn and they come for you like Satan. A cheetah could be exercising its high speed on a gazelle; the poor thing barely gets time to scream for help, which is not considered a wise idea you could be attracting a more powerful jaw or claw.

When you are a king or a dominant male, you can barely celebrate your kingdom in fear of losing status to some young goon brothers who stroll nearby waiting to fill up muscles to gang up and take over your territory. Sole reason being your women look healthier and more productive and you can’t really blame them. Everybody wants to be remembered after all. If not all the above the vast area makes it really easy to bump into your worst enemy, you eit…