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The Ringo marvel

Less than 5 Kilometers from where the equator cuts across the heart of the Ol Pejeta conservancy is the most playful, sweet and curious rhino you will ever meet. His name is Ringo and his life is a miracle.  Contrary to what we may want to imagine, in the Rhinos world, there is no space for "cute". It's a knotty existence made even more complicated by the fact that poachers hack their way through their numbers and have left a handful of rhinos where hundreds of thousands lived.  Ringo was born with a severe complication, and either the mother knew he would not survive or she lost hope of the sons' recovery. She opted to walk away and left him in the middle of the world for dead- sick, cold and lonely. In place of his mother's security, touch and milk, he awaited nothing but the hungry embrace of a lion or hyena's jaw 
His luck, however, turned when Ol Pejeta Rangers who had been keeping an eye on his pregnant mother found him and took him to the resident vet. …

Standard bird rule- Be attractive

Avian wild beauties, height, waistline and size are insignificant cut lines. The wild winning plumage matures either uniformly to adulthood or changes during the breeding season, an energy consuming transformation which represents genetic continuity or lack of it. In the wild male selection arena, other than you must appear attractive, male birds show off their skill-set in nest building, dancing and singing to whatever it takes to impress your kind. Although some birds are monogamous and pair for life most of them will chose or will be chosen during the breeding season. For you to get a mate you got to shake your tail feathers (in my opinion only birds should do that) 1
A bird lover or not, the rollers will have you roll down your mirror for a sneak peek. Unmistakably stunning, they are not shy to show it off, they parade-perch by the road side, dry tree branches or anthills mostly in protected areas. For the record both sexes have a similar plumage and they…