“African black death”

Taken at Ol Pejeta conservancy by Andrew Obaga

Seeking trouble.  These wild warriors were born ready, they continue to prepare till old age, you know, just in case. The African Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) has an inbuilt nasty temperament that gets worse with age. They are among three herbivores in the famed African big five and they represent large herbivores in the wild, roaming the savanna's in large herds sometimes exceeding 300 individuals. In Kenya, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to a few thousands of these beasts.

Taken at Ol Pejeta conservancy 
These burly herbivores, are equipped with a large set of horns which fuse together to form a bullet repelling BOSS. The dangerous horns are used in defense against predators, they are intimidating in size and appearance, and they swiftly use them to toss unlucky predators or humans. They rank high among Africa’s most dangerous animals and known to kill over 200 humans annually.
Being gregarious contributes highly to their success in reproduction and  survival of young ones because of assured security. When predators approach the males form a buffer wall, this way, the females and the young ones are usually shielded at the core making it harder for the predators to isolate them. Buffalos are known to chase off lions and killing their young ones at sight.
Taken at Ol Pejeta Conservancy by Andrew Obaga
Next time you are taking a nature walk, be careful. They rarely announce their presence and most attacks happens because if they spots you first they will wait sometimes motionless and then attack. In case of a buffalo attack do not attempt to run off, it’s unlikely that you will outrun one. The most advisable thing to do is lie down since it will be hard for the buffalo to lift you up with the horns. If you are an expert at climbing trees and there is one at sight you will be safer on a tree. That is if there isn't a leopard already up there.


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