Surreal Ol Lentile Santuary

 Ol Lentille Sanctuary is curved impalpably at one of Laikipias plenteous straddling hills. The thoroughfare to this spectacular haven is agonizingly long, bumpy and seems infinite. Three hours from Nanyuki town meandering past acacia dominated wild vastness; the road ascends steeply and gradually unveils the extensive plains that appear to scamper to the horizon.

 Lassitude wears off instantaneously at the tranquil grandeur the plains divulge.  The serene backdrop from the hilltop is stunning, the urge to just stop time and freeze in the moment kicks in, one hopes to soak in the splendor and to never recover from these delightful hypnosis.

Each and every modification, decoration and collection to either of the buildings and the staircases are circumspectly arched to fit in flawlessly. The swimming pool is strategically positioned in full view of the far-reaching plains and the outlook from any observation point is expertly selected to exhibit bewildering panorama. 


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