Exquisite Ol Pejeta Conservancy

                                                      Grevys at Ol Pejeta  Conservancy                                photo credit; Chris Waigwa
After six years I could hardly wait for my next visit to Ol-Pejeta conservancy. I had a vivid memory from my first visit but I had no idea it was about to get better, with improved infrastructure, and frequent game drives sooner than expected the familiarity with the beautiful wildlife paradise made my two weeks daily visits the most memorable times in my lifetime.

     photo credit; Chris Waigwa
The serenity and diversity of its expansiveness is mind blowing, the unpredictable wilderness will surprise you. Each day offers a different amazing experience. The meandering all-weather routes crisscrossing the uneven topography lead to a variety of habitats: the open grasslands are bountiful with different species of herbivores both large and small grazers. The extensive fields are constant battlefields as the infinite struggle to win the survival for the fittest contest continues since the predator- prey relationships well… never gets any better. The marsh pocket and river line habitat on a lucky day offers an opportunity to observe in full view the majestic gigantic elephants feeding behavior, an elaborate cohesion in the waterbuck territory, the elegant yellow billed ducks, different species of egrets and if keen enough on the high acacia canopies it will be impossible to miss the African fish eagles if their presence isn’t announced through their unique riveting high pitched calls.

 Sudan last male of the northern white rhino                                                              photo credit; George

Mixed grasslands and woodlands are a perfect habitat for spotting the elusive black rhinos as it will be hard to see it in the thickets since its solitary and a browser, while its close cousin the wide mouth white rhino is easily spotted in open grassland with its head hanging low or wallowing in muddy pools. Dams are well concealed in the evergreen Oclea thickets where the lions await their unsuspecting prey to come for a drink before they turn into the main course. At Morani education center you get a warm welcome from the guides equipped with practical informative illustrations and they walk you through the life of a true survivor Baraka the blind rhino. However, your experience isn’t complete without a sneak peek to our closest cousins.

photo credit; Ariadne Van Zandbergen

The Sweet-waters chimpanzee sanctuary evokes excitement when watching our closest cousins, their calls will alert you miles away. Trading glances with the wild champions who have managed to adapt in this modified habitat is exhilarating. Listening to the skilled guides narrate the horrifying tales of how the lovely chimps could barely survive caged as pets and awaiting to be sold in some instances is unnerving. As the jolly families exhibit their playful social behavior one wonders why some people are so inhumane? Considering that the aggressiveness some display is a result of poor treatment while they were held captive illegally, but in this peaceful enclosure they thrive freely and visitors get the satisfaction of learning about their plight and embrace their endurance.

Ol-Pejeta conservancy flaunts splendor, defines the perfect wild experience and endows unforgettable memories. 


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