A wild affair

photo credit; Moses Munene

An affair that doesn’t develop over time, one that isn’t enhanced by time or by circumstances but it’s the kind that lies within your conscious, bubbling until you take heed and pursue.  One that you have to learn how to tame and live with, one that you are supposed to express to beings of your kind that never bother to understand, and no one barely understands why anyone would make a career out of it. Living in economic times where we are expected to be converting everything we can lay our eyes on into coins that would then translate into what we all refer to as a decent lifestyle and career. 

photo credit; Njuki Mahiga

But like they say there is nothing wrong with being different and after all people respect you for the decisions make and trail. As the planet has it there is nothing really new and my kind do exist and some even exceed my heights of passion towards Wild animals. Our kind has been described as those who are obsessed about creatures who are occupying a turf meant for developing or should be of greater economic values to the human race.

Photo credit; Sammy Wanjau

To introduce you to our KIND, we are not unique, we didn’t receive different instructions from our universal creator, and we did not drop on this planet from a different one. We happen to be ordinary beings that have accommodating attitudes towards wild-life which we perceive as equals to our own existence. We happen to disagree that the jungle is a dangerous place where everything is in a constant battle with everything but where everything the laws of nature to maintain an ecological balance. We let nature take its course and respect animals right to live freely in the wild like they should. We might have been late in convincing our race that this earth was big enough for all of us but I hope it’s not too late to save the few wild animals we have left in a selfish bid to expand our own race.

Our wildlife fit in the puzzle of life, they are beings with complex and highly organized social and survival structures. They are and should be our pride and responsibility. They are of value to us alive, Its therefore unethical for us to exert pressure on their survival, deplete their resources and drive them to extinction. We lose nothing caring and we are of no value to them they would survive comfortably without us.  
Photo credit; Evans Kariuki

In a world where nobody cares about the plight of our wildlife our kind decides to CARE more.


  1. Am not sure if this does not amount to explaining things to a target audience that wouldn't understand love for nature if it hit them riding a pink elephant but I like the way its put.


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