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A wild affair

An affair that doesn’t develop over time, one that isn’t enhanced by time or by circumstances but it’s the kind that lies within your conscious, bubbling until you take heed and pursue.  One that you have to learn how to tame and live with, one that you are supposed to express to beings of your kind that never bother to understand, and no one barely understands why anyone would make a career out of it. Living in economic times where we are expected to be converting everything we can lay our eyes on into coins that would then translate into what we all refer to as a decent lifestyle and career. 

But like they say there is nothing wrong with being different and after all people respect you for the decisions make and trail. As the planet has it there is nothing really new and my kind do exist and some even exceed my heights of passion towards Wild animals. Our kind has been described as those who are obsessed about creatures who are occupying a turf meant for developing or should be of…

Surreal Ol Lentile Santuary

Ol Lentille Sanctuary is curved impalpably at one of Laikipias plenteous straddling hills. The thoroughfare to this spectacular haven is agonizingly long, bumpy and seems infinite. Three hours from Nanyuki town meandering past acacia dominated wild vastness; the road ascends steeply and gradually unveils the extensive plains that appear to scamper to the horizon.

 Lassitude wears off instantaneously at the tranquil grandeur the plains divulge.  The serene backdrop from the hilltop is stunning, the urge to just stop time and freeze in the moment kicks in, one hopes to soak in the splendor and to never recover from these delightful hypnosis.

Each and every modification, decoration and collection to either of the buildings and the staircases are circumspectly arched to fit in flawlessly. The swimming pool is strategically positioned in full view of the far-reaching plains and the outlook from any observation point is expertly selected to exhibit bewildering panorama. 

Glamour and Gloom of Tsavo East National Park

It must have been the best news I received after a series of regret letters from other institutions, a long due invitation to the Tsavo Desnaring team re-initiated. Truly the plans of man have nothing on Gods plan. It must have been the best well laid plan from above. The day finally dawned and with much excitement I packed my bags for camping to the Tsavo east national park. I was eager to arrive to experience to explore and none of this can be over emphasized. My first impression of Tsavo east national park was beyond my slightest imaginations it’s a different amazing world. Arrival at dusk heightened my curiosity not sure what I would wake up to or what the next days would be about everything and everyone was new, it was overwhelming!!
 Dawn wasn’t so far after all, for sure nothing stops time and the incalculable tranquility of Tsavo was laid out at first light. An early morning game drive  uncurled every single bend on the meandering roads displaying the abundant diversity of flor…

Exquisite Ol Pejeta Conservancy

After six years I could hardly wait for my next visit to Ol-Pejeta conservancy. I had a vivid memory from my first visit but I had no idea it was about to get better, with improved infrastructure, and frequent game drives sooner than expected the familiarity with the beautiful wildlife paradise made my two weeks daily visits the most memorable times in my lifetime.
The serenity and diversity of its expansiveness is mind blowing, the unpredictable wilderness will surprise you. Each day offers a different amazing experience. The meandering all-weather routes crisscrossing the uneven topography lead to a variety of habitats: the open grasslands are bountiful with different species of herbivores both large and small grazers. The extensive fields are constant battlefields as the infinite struggle to win the survival for the fittest contest continues since the predator- prey relationships well… never gets any better. The marsh pocket and river line habitat on a lucky day offers an opportun…

Polygamy: Wildly possible

Impalas are a type of antelope native to several countries in tropical Africa. In southern Africa the commonly found species are the black faced Impalas, whereas in east Africa we have the common Impala. Impalas are wild bovines that live on the Savannah open grassland easily distinguishable from other species of antelopes by their shiny light and dark shade of reddish brown color. They are diurnal which means they are most active during the day. They are not specific feeders but they prefer to live near a water source, during the wet season so they can graze on the lush green grass. During the dry season, they browse on short shrubs and trees.
One of the most remarkable traits among the impala is that their society is exceptionally polygamous. They live in different groups of males and females. The male group is referred to as the bachelor herd consisting of sub adult males and adult males, the female herds, also referred as Harem or breeding herds, are usually large with 40 and or m…